Below you will find the management of ISCARE a.s. and a list of executives.


Českomoravská 2510/19
Praha 9 190 00

IČO      61858366
DIČ  CZ61858366

Registered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, Insert 2703.

Board of Directors
Ing. Jozef Janov Chairman of the Board
Ing. Tomáš Juříček Member of the Board
Ing. Vladimír Vokroj Member of the Board
Supervisory Board
JUDr. Matěj Stejskal Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Libor Němeček Deputy Chairman of Supervisory Board
Mgr. Viktor Szabó Member of the Supervisory Board
Company Management
Ing. Tomáš Juříček CEO
prof. MUDr. Milan Lukáš, CSc., AGAF Head Clinician 
Ing. Vladimír Vokroj COO
Ing. Jaromír Joukl Financial Director
MUDr. Jan Lacheta IVF Head Physician
MUDr. Alexander Vatľak
 Head of Plastic Surgery Centre
MUDr. Václava Vodičková Head of Anaesthesiology
MUDr. Naděžda Machková Head of Inpatient Ward
MUDr. Martin Lukáš, FASGE Head of Gastroenterology
prof. MUDr. David Jahoda, CSc. Head of Orthopaedics and operating theatres
prof. MUDr. Robert Gürlich, CSc. Head of Mini-invasive Surgery
Mgr. Michaela Vacková Pharmacy Manager
Ludmila Procházková Head Nurse

How to get to our centre?


The Clinical Center ISCARE a.s. is located in a high-rise building in Prague 9 near the O2 Arena.

See what it looks like from the comfort of your home, take a virtual tour of the ISCARE Clinical Center.

Virtual tour

4 ways to get to us

By car – to Českomoravská street with parking possibilities in the Galerie Harfa shopping center.

By metro – to Českomoravská station and then a 5-minute walk.

Take trams – 8 or 25 to the Multiarena Praha station and then a 3-minute walk.

By train – 9-minute walk from Nádraží Libeň station.