Our doctors

These doctors take care of you at the ISCARE Clinical Center.

Centre for Reproductive Medicine

Head of Centre for Reproductive Medicine
MUDr. Jan Lacheta 

MUDr. Kristýna Frühaufová, Ph.D.
MUDr. Jan Jonáš
MUDr. Mária Jaržembovská
MUDr. Pavel Drbohlav

Plastic Surgery Centre

Head of Plastic Surgery Centre
MUDr. Alexander Vatľak

MUDr. Radek Lhotský
MUDr.Lucie Hasenöhrlová

Treatment of Obesity / Gastric Balloons

Head Physician and Head of Gastroenterology Deparment
prof. MUDr. Milan Lukáš, CSc., AGAF

MUDr. Martin Lukáš
MUDr. Martin Vašátko
MUDr. Martin Kolář
MUDr. Kristýna Kubíčková

How to get to our centre?


The Clinical Center ISCARE a.s. is located in a high-rise building in Prague 9 near the O2 Arena.

See what it looks like from the comfort of your home, take a virtual tour of the ISCARE Clinical Center.

Virtual tour

4 ways to get to us

By car – to Českomoravská street with parking possibilities in the Galerie Harfa shopping center.

By metro – to Českomoravská station and then a 5-minute walk.

Take trams – 8 or 25 to the Multiarena Praha station and then a 3-minute walk.

By train – 9-minute walk from Nádraží Libeň station.